Moonstone Three Layers Necklace

IDR 2,499,000
Editor's Notes

3 Layers is crafted with Moonstone and Rambut Cendana agate stones.

Moonstone agate stone has unique properties that can heal wearers and provide energy spiritually and physically. It has a white color that symbolizes purity and prosperity. This stone can be used as a tool to overcome various energy and feelings such as anxiety and feeling unsafe. It also has the energy to relieve fatigue and weakness physically and emotionally.

Another quality properties of this stone is that is can bring the wearers state of mind and hear at peace and distance the wearers from evil dreams. It has a natural energy that can lead to a path of compassion, fairness, honesty, attractiveness.

Combined with 18 carats gold plated metal to give a luxury looks of this collection.

Size & Fit Information

Length: 30 cm.

Product code : YLL004