Korean Fashion From SJYP


Korean designer duo Steve J and Yoni P launched their brand, SJYP in summer 2015. The collection’s contemporary denim DNA has become one of the fastest growing brands on the market. Not to mention their signature destroyed details, and unique cut off in different shades of blue jeans. They are the winner of the Style Icon Awards Asia 2016 4th year running. 

227 Results

227 Results

Korean Fashion Design for Style Conscious Women of All Ages

The Korean fashion brand SJYP offers a variety of collections with ultimate quality and delicate details. Always unique and cutting edge, SJYP prides itself on having a global outlook and an international appeal. Steve J and Yoni P has successfully managed to merge his upbringing with European culture to create fashionable designs that have stunned the fashion world. Raise your eyes to the streets of Seoul, where K-style is exploding as a global phenomenon and one label at the forefront is SJYP. Combining a love of personal style with well-cut tailoring, blend of fabrics, textures, techniques and sophistication in design, it's hard not to fall for SJYP's effortless aesthetic. Dress to impress with the SJYP collection. Crafted in Korea, their modern designs are on trend, addressing the latest fashion demands. Their designers consistently come up with new prints and styles to make sure that your look stays sharp and they provide you with a wide selection of tops, bottoms, dresses, accessories and outerwear. With a decade under their belt in the fashion industry, they are committed to providing you with gorgeous looks that are both wearable and affordable for all shapes and sizes.