True Colors

A joyous celebration of individuals and encouragement of self-expression through clothes. We're diving into loud colors, unexpected cuts, and playful patterns from the new collections which spoke to this theme. Need something to make you smile? This vibrant edit will spark joy and inspire new ideas into your wardrobe.

Photographs by Zaky Akbar
Styled by Gisela Febrina Juwono
Make-up by Sissy Sosro
Hair by Maryudi

Off We Go

Inspired by the globetrotting destinations we finally can travel to this year, rich colors, exquisite details, and refreshing silhouettes are bound to make you look and feel your best. Think bold crochet dress from Proenza Schouler White Label, 0711 Tbilisi's beaded handbag, and Aidan and Ice's maximalist jewelry that is always a winner in the feel-good stakes.


Pattern Play

Experimenting and clashing bold prints and patterns make a big play in creating the ultimate power look. There are no rules — you're free to cater the look based on your unique personality. Abstract prints and geometric patterns are an easy way to bring playfulness to your wardrobe, look to YCH and Andersson Bell for that top-notch conversation-starter pieces.


Happy Knits

While we all appreciate any cozy neutral outfit, statement knit is having its moment, especially styles in bright and bold enough to make you and those around you smile. Also known for their versatility, knit tops and dresses from Andersson Bell, for example, are statement pieces suited for any occasion.


Nostalgia Prevails

There's no escaping Y2K in 2022, designers are taking cues from the past eras and modernizing them to make them feel more current. Channeling a nostalgic feeling of Xtina, Britney, and Mariah's best fashion moment. Check out SJYP's denim miniskirt and Recto's exposed back knit combination for your inspiration of the optimum Y2K appeal.