Meet Sean Loh and Sheila Agatha the dynamic duo behind Sean & Sheila. They established the brand in 2012 and managed to give back to society – especially in their town, Purbalingga – by hiring people with speech and hearing disabilities as seamstresses.

The Fall Winter 2017 Collection ‘Yama’ present an unexpected combination between men’s military jackets and orientalism. This collection started around hooded parkas, asymmetrical dresses and then shirt dresses with white distressed stitches.

At the same time, Sean & Sheila feature delicate details such as utility pockets, straps, origami flaps and asymmetrical shapes to give a new vibe of urban style. Whether you’re hosting Thanksgiving dinner, or traveling with your loved ones – finding the right ensemble is a key and luckily, Sean & Sheila’s latest collection offers the perfect dose of edginess for every event on your calendar.  

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