What’s better than a brand that stands by ethically sourced materials and local craftsmanship? Made in Bali, Les Biches was founded in 2012 by Emi Sekiguchi from Tokyo, Stephan Schreiber from Berlin, and Andri Radiany from Bali. ‘Les Biches’ is a French slang for girls or girlfriends that can translate into ‘the sweethearts’, and it stands for feminine strength, frivolous wit and a flirty seductiveness with a touch of eccentric chic.  

Japanese fashion influence is seen in their latest collection ‘Coetum’ with minimalist looks, deconstructed sequence, the use of ropes, and combination of dark and light hues. Les Biches continue their aesthetic from previous collections, by using transparent and light materials, silk viscose, and oversized volumes with interesting play on textures and embellishments. Here, discover their quirky collection, because your spring wardrobe needs this.  

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