Prized Possessions

How to dress for the moment? Some may opt for subtle; for others, more is more. We'll say with more places to go and plans to be made, let statement-making accessories set your dressing direction. From CULT GAIA crafty wicker bags and chunky sandals to embellished evening clutch from RODO, celebrate your long-awaited re-emergence for outdoor plans with the season’s latest and greatest accessories.

A World of Gaia

Founded in 2012 by Jasmin Larian, CULT GAIA is inspired by nature and its beautiful elements in designing its iconic accessories. Architectural reference, elevated traditional technique, and unmatched versatility are at the DNA of the CULT GAIA heirloom.


IDR 6,970,000

Bold Gestures

If there are one trend designers could agree on for Fall, it’s the return of the brilliant, bold accessories. From geometric-heeled sandals to solid-colored patent handbags, it’s time to dust off those statement-making accessories.


Beaded and bejeweled

If you’re going for a decadent evening looks, turn to RODO embellished clutches and ANTON HEUNIS Swarovski-embellished jewelry that’ll lend a glamorous touch to any look.