Power Players

In a sea of sameness on Instagram, standing out isn't always easy since outlandish style doesn't come naturally to some of us. But if you're intrigued to take your outfit from "same" to bold, we're here to inspire you on how to stand out. What to wear now? Here we're sharing our tips in four different fits of no-for-the-faint-of-heart to look forward to.

Photographs by Lenny Han
Styled by Dan Putera
Make-up by Yosefina Yustiani
Hair by Cosmelynn

Blurred Lines

This Proenza Schouler White Label dress is your cue to consider investing the blurred, watercolored piece. Featuring the tie-dye print that's nearly inescapable at the moment, this 90's aesthetic is definitely categorized as one of the bravest and boldest prints to pull off yet a simple silhouette makes it more approachable.


Formula Galore

There's a science behind the perfect layered look. It's about the balance of the right pieces, proportions, and materials that all make sense. This Proenza Schouler White Label shirt makes the perfect bottom layer to be followed by Andersson Bell's knit tube top over it. For the cherry on top, top them off with accessories in vibrant colors.


Mood Boost

When it comes to dopamine dressing, it isn't going anywhere. A jolt of color from prints, bright accessories, or even flashes of color from your makeup will ease you into a more vibrant way of dressing. If you're more of a wallflower when it comes to color, then combining one or two shades of neutral will be your fail-safe color combination.


Touchy Feely

One particular standout style that piqued our interest it would be texture. We loved having something super textural to touch throughout the day. Whether it's in your bag, accessories, or dress (like this fuzzy one from Peggy Hartanto) an extravagantly added texture to your outfit is an instant character boost.