Modern Heritage: MASSHIRO&Co. x Aidan and Ice

Echoing the ceaseless bloom of Peranakan culture exclusively at MASARISHOP.COM

Muse Jessica Sutanto
Photographed by Zaky Akbar
Make-up by Jess Noveria
Hair by Jovita Liana Dewi

In celebration of the auspicious Year of the Wooden Dragon, MASSHIRO&Co. has partnered with Aidan and Ice to unveil the 'Rhythm' Chinese New Year collection, blending oriental culture with contemporary aesthetics through intricate gem embellishments from Aidan and Ice and MASSHIRO&Co.'s exclusive radiant colors, including vivid orange and deep navy. The collection honors traditional elements of Peranakan culture by showcasing the essence of Lunar cultural heritage on this collection piece.

Moonlight Serenity

Crafted to honor the cherished tradition of gathering with family and friends for a year of prosperity, the collaboration between MASSHIRO&Co. and Aidan and Ice combines contemporary in deep navy color and unique beading designs with the lively essence of the lunar season's festive traditions.


Tangerine Sparks

Dominated by a vivid orange color, this collection symbolizes the warmth of the sun and the energy of fire—both essential elements of Lunar New Year celebrations. In addition to the pieces, Aidan and Ice's red embellishments represent luck, joy, and happiness. This collection undoubtedly serves as the perfect attire to summon your good luck this lunar new year.


Bow Dynasty

The ‘Rhythm’ collection presents easy-to-wear styles, with the versatile Tatsu top that will seamlessly take you from day to night. In addition, the Hiroko Belt serves as the perfect accessory to complete your festive night look, while the dangling bow details perfectly mirror and complement the women's collection.


Eternal Fortune

A festive ensemble need not be reserved for just one annual occasion, and with the remodeled iconic Cha Crop in vivid orange, which maintains its simplicity and timelessness through vivid colors and embellished button details, we can joyfully wear this celebratory attire on multiple exciting occasions.