Modern Bohemia: The Story Of

Founded by Kukuh Zuttion in 2010, leisure wear The Story Of starts its remarkable chapter in the fashion world by imbuing modern classics with a quirky bohemian inflection. The merging of free-spirited silhouettes and a nostalgic feel in radiant colors and prints are beautifully documented in its ready-to-wear repertoire. Easy-to-wear dresses, flirty skirts, and ruffled shirts are crafted in breathable cotton and elevated with refreshingly kicky detail. Taking inspiration from various sources of nature, Kukuh introduces a very personal creation of modern-day staples to bring you closer to your feminine side.

The first launch of The Story Of SS22 collection at MASARISHOP.COM, Cassiopeia, is full of floral designs, eccentric patterns, and flowing silhouettes. Reinvigorating the impeccable festiveness of the bohemian look through billowy dresses, lightweight ruffled skirts, and puffy sleeve shirts that withstand the test of time.