Find him on the other side of the bar, bringing coffee to life

Started from his love for coffee, now he’s here. Mikael Jasin is a star of coffee generation. He’s the current Indonesian Barista Champion and a finalist of World Barista Championship 2019 in Boston. What Mikael does is always an extension of himself and being at an age where you can easily just double tap what you like, he succeeds to use that to branding himself and his career. These days he split himself between work travels, coffee talk & workshops, and some exciting future projects. Scroll down to read more about his passion, his style in Sunnei & SJYP, and his life goals.

Photographs by Advan Matthew
Styling by Zico Halim
Make-Up by Priscilla Rasjid
Hair by Yosefina Yustiani

Who is your biggest style icon?

I definitely like James Dean.

How would you describe your style?

It's a combination between practical and straight forward. I move around during work and that request the most non-bullshit outfit possible.

How do you style your jeans?

Slim cut, buttons instead of zipper, one fold at the bottom


How would your friends describe you?

I've been described as either super-chill (daily life) or intense (work life).

Where do you feel the most comfortable?

Around a small group of friends. Typically while drinking wine.

What is the best life lesson you’ve ever learned?

There's empowerment in failure. I've failed many times in life and career, but each time I internalised that failure to learn from it and be better next time.


What’s your new obsession?

Fermentation in any forms (mostly in delicious food & drink).

Who would you like to have a 30-minute meeting with?

David Goggins. His book and philosophy has changed my life.

What is next for Valen?

I'm gonna keep doing what I'm doing in coffee. Also, I'd like to improve my standing in the World Barista Championships next year. It's a long & painful road but it is what I love.


Chair: Cassina - P22 at Ambiente

90’s or 60’s?


Bomber jacket or tailored blazer?

Can't beat a well-tailored blazer.

Read book or watch movie?

Read book

Sunset or sunrise?

Sunrise. I like to wake up early, go for a run and watch the sun comes up to start the day.

Would you rather only drink coffee or never be able to drink coffee again?

I'd rather not drink coffee ever again. What about those tasty tea, wine & spirits??