Hit the Lights

Now accepting holiday party invites and get dressed up to the nines

Photographer Advan Matthew
Videographer Welly Dosen
Stylist Zico Halim
Makeup Sissy Sosro
Hair Dessy Untadi

December is a busy one with last-minute work deadlines to complete and events to attend. While we can't assist you with the first task (oops!), we can provide you with endless party outfit inspiration for when the holiday festivities actually arrive. Through this edit, find the holiday outfit that speaks to your soul and be prepared to be on the best-dressed guest list.

Rainbow Lights

To all risk-takers, this is the perfect time to take your garish or flamboyant feathery accessories for a spin and dance the night away in the shiniest shoes you have. Take the wattage all the way up and go head-to-toe highlighter to match your extravagant accessories.


IDR 11,650,000

Against the Dark

Break your all-black outfit this December by wearing an unexpectedly daring color pairing. If you're struggling to find the right shade pairing to wear, this Friederich Herman dress and Recto's shirt combo will save you the headache. Additionally, try adding lime green accessories for an extra styling point.


Arts Over Dazzle

Partygoers who don’t want to drown themselves in crystals and glitter can still find more subtle ways to add some festive NYE touch. For example, you can style this ultra-girly dress from Acler with Cult Gaia's artsy clutch that instantly gives more personality and also easily works with your everyday repertoire.


Uncomplicated Glam

Contrary to the party dress code beliefs, sequins aren't the only way to make a big splash. These easy-to-wear combos offer you a way to stand out in a sea of sequin dresses while staying comfortable. Plus, you can throw them on again with what you already have in the closet throughout the year.