Haute Anatomy

Layering might be one of the best things that ever happen to fashion as it breathes new possibilities into your wardrobe. The art of layering is all about finding the balance of proportions, colors, and of course, matching the temperature accordingly. So keep scrolling, you may just earn one or two compliments by trying out one of the looks ahead.

Photographs by Lenny Han
Styled by Dan Putera
Make-up by Yosefina Yustiani
Hair by Cosmelynn

Fresh Catch

A sweater over a dress is a playful way to add a comforting extra layer to keep you feeling cozy and both items from Andersson Bell are on our must-have list. Simple extras of fishnet stockings and a striking choker make the vibe feels incredibly fresh for this season.


Second Skin

We must admit, lightweight turtlenecks are the real MVPs to keep you warm and ideal for layering. They go perfectly under button-down shirts, dresses, oversized sweaters, and in this case, co-ords. The versatile piece is the secret ingredient to your most stylish outfit, adding a subtle statement and a sophisticated touch.


Peculiar Mix

This is the perfect time to test out your layering skills and get extra creative by incorporating texture and unexpected color. A leather dress over white suede trousers or adding a peek of color through a thin sweater under a neutral-colored dress and topped off with a jacket in the same color code to make it more polished.


Attention Formation

Embrace a more sprightly look by playing with structure and color . A combination of Yuzefi's structured tube top and Andersson Bell's take on the early-aught tiered mini skirt trend is already eye-catching. But layering a pop of color on top will tie it all in and make a brighter look for a chillier day.