Her takes on 80s fashion, creative paths, and things that constantly inspire her

Fashion photographer, creative director, and owner of a ready-to-wear label Kasmaran Indonesia, Sonia Eryka talks about her nostalgic-maximalist fashion style, the tenets behind her creative career and things that constantly inspires her.

With just a look at her aesthetically curated Instagram profile (@soniaeryka), it is apparent that she takes a lot of inspiration from punk and grunge scenes from the 80s with lots of leather, animal prints, sequins, and neons. Shot in the luxurious setting of La Vie All Suites Apartment, discover how our team styled Sonia in quirky layerings of denim-on-denim with obi belts from TOTON, a magenta set from Peggy Hartanto, and deconstructed denim jacket from Tangan. Scroll down to read about Sonia Eryka, her love for vintage fashion, and her next creative plans.

Photographs by Advan Matthew
Styling by Zico Halim
Make-Up by Priscilla Rasjid
Hair by Yosefina Yustiani
Location : La Vie All Suites Apartment


How would you describe your style in 3 words?

A Nostalgic Maximalist.

What are your favorite brands in MASARISHOP.COM??

I’m always a fan of quirky structured cuttings and playing with patterns, I feel like MSGM resonates the most with my style.

If you could live in any fashion era, when would it be and why?

Based on my closet and the amount of leather, animal prints, sequins, and neon I have, I think it would be the 80’s.

You are quite a maximalist, what are your wardrobe staples??

Always love a quirky vintage knitwear, leather skirt, and boots.


You are definitely our girl crush, but we want to know who’s your personal girl crush?

Courtney Love & Poison Ivy from The Cramps. I feel like we can share the same closet.

As a fashion photographer, fashion entrepreneur and stylist, what are the tenets behind your career and what is next for Sonia Eryka?

I will be focusing more on my brand Kasmaran, producing and spending more time behind the camera, and I am also preparing a book.


Where do you feel most comfortable?

I spend most of my time at home.

What would you wear on your days-off?

I usually wear mom jeans and oversized t-shirt, or the same dress that I wear over and over again like a cartoon character who wears the same outfit all the time.


Bomber jacket or tailored blazer?

Bomber Jacket.

Heels or boots?

Boots all the way!

New York Fashion Week or Paris Fashion Week?


Japan or Poland?

Can’t choose because it’s such a contrast! My life in Poland is very chill and slow-paced, I would go for Tokyo if I want to fast-forward my current routine.

New York Fashion Week or Paris Fashion Week?

Both! Since I’m not a morning person so sunrise will be more special.