While the rest of us were spending time catching up on Netflix series, the 2nd runner-up of Beauty Pageant Indonesia 2010, Alessandra Usman was working for Yayasan Puteri Indonesia as an activist to promote Indonesia’s tourism, participating to ‘I am Hope’ movement for cancer foundation in Indonesia, and moving to New York for her dream job. Now she’s back with so much under her belt, and we can’t wait to see what Sandra has in mind for society in the years ahead.  

What is your recent activity?
Full time behind the desk

Who is your style muse?
Jessie Bush

What part of your job that you find most surprising?
There's no absolute model or formula to predict market fluctuations. So, make room for one of the things
that never taught in schools, perseverance

The best advice you’ve ever received?
From a random chat with a random old man who happened to be a New York Time's journalist, he said:
"Make the most of your youth. No matter how rich and famous that you'll become,
you'll never get the same feeling twice. Go explore, and see the world"

The key to a good makeup?

What is your day-off ritual?
Spend time with family and friends, - and get massage

What did you wear to your first date?
T shirt & jeans

Who would you like to have a quick shopping with?

What is your favorite local brand from MASARISHOP.COM?

What is next for Sandra?
Gorontalo for the world

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