Her takes on comfort-chic dressing, her startup businesses, and maintaining the work-life balance

Fashion influencer and young entrepreneur, Nazla Alifa talks about dressing as a way to express her outgoing personality, her signature style, and her future in the creative industry. As an experienced content creator herself, she has recently expanded her passion into creating a talent management startup and venturing into the coffee business.

With just a look at her aesthetically curated Instagram profile (@nazlaalifa), we could take cues on how she gives her feminine style an androgynous twist with bold color blocking, leather boots, and statement bags. Shot in the elegant setting of Plataran Menteng, discover how our team styled Nazla in the latest streetwear collection from MSGM and SJYP, and one of a kind carry-ons from Yuzefi, Hereu, and Giaquinto.

Photographs by Advan Matthew
Styling by Zico Halim
Make-Up and Hair by Priscilla Rasjid
Location : Plataran Menteng

How would you describe your style in 3 words?

Chic but comfortable.

What are the fashion items you’re currently obsessed with?

Shoes! ! From sleek leather boots, colorful sandals, casual sneakers

As a fashion influencer, how do you see your style change according to what are on trends?

My style does change as I keep up with the latest trends but I will always have a signature style to mix and match my outfit, it has to blend with my identity and personality, as I wouldn’t feel comfortable wearing something I don’t vibe with.


Which bag trends do you follow, the XXL sized or the micro minis?

Micro minis of course!

What are your favorite brands at MASARISHOP.COM?

BIASA, Tangan, Friederich Herman

You are definitely our girl crush, but we want to know who’s your personal girl crush?

Peggy gou, for her style and confidence!


As busy as an influencer and an entrepreneur could be, how do you maintain work-life balance?

I constantly strive to create equilibrium in all areas of life, especially work and personal life. With the help of many self-reflection, time management, and priorities-setting, I get to achieve balance. It’s a skill set I always want to improve!

What inspired you to start a talent management agency and a coffee business?

After being in this field for several years now and see how myself grow and other people grow, I learned more than ever from the business side of it. It’s definitely time for me to take a bigger next step expanding into business that is more sustainable. As for the coffee business, the idea started from not being able to go out to get coffees in this pandemic, and beyond from what is expected, it turns to be my side hustle.


Bomber jacket or tailored blazer?

Bomber Jacket.

Heels or boots?


Bold red lips or a subdued MLBB shade?

MLBB shade.

Sunrise or sunset?


Favorite cities to travel next after this pandemic?

London, Bali and Seoul are my favorite cities! watching a ton of K-dramas during the pandemic made me want to go back to Korea!!


IDR 5,230,000