On her eclectic fashion sense, motherhood, and being a Girl Boss

This season, our girl crush edition goes to Cissylia Stefani, juggling her rising career as the head of brand lead in the leading Indonesian e-commerce startup and entering the phase of parenthood as a loving wife and mother to her 14 months old son. A quick scroll on her Instagram page (@cissylia) and her eclectic taste is instantly apparent with twists on trendy fashion items such as biker shorts styled in a way that is uniquely hers. Her discerning eye on fashion has led her to numerous collaborations with local fashion and beauty brands. Shot in Djournal House, sets of vivid tonal items are put together, capturing her lively spirit and sublime fashion sense. Scroll down to read her stories, her whimsical takes on fashion, her personal goals and more.

Photographs by Advan Matthew
Styling by Zico Halim
Make-Up by Priscilla Rasjid
Hair by Yosefina Yustiani
Location : Djournal House

How would you describe your style in 3 words?

Creative, daring and careless.

What are the fashion items you’re currently obsessed with?

Bold statement with statement sandals

How do you integrate your personal style into an office-appropriate attire?

Appropriate, comfortable and functional are the keywords. I try to infuse my personal unique style as much as possible with layering and pattern mix match, in the understated way to fit in with the office environment. I wear something functional because I take a bike and commute by MRT every day

What are your favorite brands at MASARISHOP.COM?

Cult Gaia, Toga Pulla, and Tangan

How would you style a white shirt?

Matching set of jacket and pants with statement and funky pattern


IDR 8,700,000

Are there any motivational quotes that you live by?

You are definitely our girl crush, but we want to know who’s your personal girl crush?

Eva Chen! She’s more like a role model to me. She juggles different roles in life and I feel so relatable with her. Working in a tech company, being a mom, and still able to do her own personal project. She inspires and empowers women like me who believe that women shouldn’t stop making progress, that nothing should hold her back to achieve personal goals. Aside from that I love how she’s keeping things real, not pretentious, always true to herself and authentic, and of course, I love her sense of style!


How do you maintain the balance of being a successful professional and a loving mother?

1. Figure out my top priorities in life: spend most my time for things that really matters.
2. Have good time management, always plan things ahead, weeks ahead.
3. The existence of my amazing support system, credit to my sister and husband who will always ready to take care of my son if needed.

What next for Cissylia Stefani?

My own fashion line!


How would your friends describe you?

Playful , energetic, and indecisive.

What do you do on the weekend?

Pilates, Swimming, go for brunch, work on my personal project and cuddle with hubby & baby son.

Where do you feel most comfortable at?