Girl Crush: Cindy Angelina

The beauty enthusiast unveils her essential rules for excelling in both career and style

Meet our #MASARIGIRL Cindy Angelina, the brilliant mind behind one of the leading beauty brands in Indonesia. Not only does she dazzle the beauty world, but Cindy also graces it with her exquisite style. Here, the #MASARIGIRL shares her secrets about her girl-boss style, fashion must-haves, and the key to her thriving business.

Photographs by Advan Matthew
Styled by Gusti Aditya
Make-Up by Sissy Sosro
Muse Cindy Angelina
Shot on Location at Park Hyatt Jakarta

How did you get into beauty and what prompted you to start your business?

Growing up, beauty has been my biggest passion. When I moved back from LA to Jakarta, I noticed a significant gap between local brands and international luxury brands in the market. As a modern woman, I couldn't find any brands that appealed to me. The image of our local brands at that time was very traditional, with a lack of innovation. So, ESQA was born out of my frustration with the outdated local beauty industry.


Where does your motivation come to do what you do?

I feel most motivated when I read honest reviews from our customers about our products. The process of launching a new product is long and complicated, so receiving great feedback is truly empowering. It inspires me to do better and create more products for our Esqaddicts!

Do you believe in dressing for success?

Yes, of course!

And what are your tips to look the part?

Put on an outfit you love! Even when you're at home all day, wearing clothes that you adore will instantly lift your mood and make you feel ready for the day ahead.


Do you have a routine to get yourself in girlboss mode?

I don't have a specific routine, but I believe that rest is a crucial part of the work. I aim for about 7-8 hours of sleep a night, so make sure you get this if you want to wake up feeling refreshed and energized!

You’ve lived in and traveled to many parts of the world, how has it affected your style?

My style is classic, so it hasn't changed much. However, traveling has helped me understand how to dress stylishly for different occasions and weather. So, it’s important to know the “right clothes for the right occasions” rule.


What is in your capsule wardrobe?

A tweed blazer, black tank, high-waisted denim, mini skirt, and a pair of kitten heels

What's the most important piece of advice you live by for when things don't go your way?

Show up, even when you don't feel like it because the work you need to do to succeed doesn't wait for you to be ready. It doesn't care. The only thing it cares about is if you're willing to show up and get it done.