Based on Research, This is How Scents Improve Your Home Atmosphere

For most people, aromatic scents aren’t only pleasant but also a memory. Just like when you savor the smell of a delicious meal, automatically your thought are reminded of your mother’s dish. Or when smelling the calming coffee aroma, you recall the morning when you’re relaxing at your home terrace.

The connection of scents and memory isn’t just plain nostalgia. According to experts, there is science behind our sense of smell that can be connected to our brain's emotion center when we smell the familiar scent. But aside from triggering memory, it turns out some scents have a tremendously positive outcome mentally and physically. Starting from depriving stress to relieving headaches, here are some of the scents to improve your home atmosphere.

1. Lavender for Better Sleep

As the right fragrance for relaxation, lavender can help ease your mind and body straightaway. Based on research towards 42 female students, the lavender scent is known to solve insomnia or sleeping problems at night. It is caused by a lavender scent that effectively calms depression that usually disturbs your sleep.

2. Cinnamon for Concentration

Cinnamon is one of the spices that have a splendid smell. Based on research done by Wheeling Jesuit University, the cinnamon scent can improve cognitive functions like visual-motoric responses, memory, and concentration. This scent is suitable for those who often work or study from home.

3. Pine for Stress Relief

According to experts, smelling pine scent can relieve stress. Based on research done in Japan, the participants reported that stress levels, anxiety, and depression are lowered after walking around the pine forest. Therefore, choose this scent if you want to make your home stress relieving sanctuary.

4. Citrus for Enhancing Stamina

If you’re looking for a refreshing drink, surely you’ll pass the coffee and prefers to drink orange juice. But in fact, the acidic aroma in oranges or lemons also has the same refreshing advantages as the taste. Inhaling citrus aroma can enhance body stamina and sharpen your alertness.

5. Vanilla for Mood Booster

In a research published by Proceedings of ISOT/JASTS 2004, experts find vanilla aroma can boost your mood by causing happiness and relaxation. The study is proven by the mood mapping which covers various emotions from joy to stimulation towards apathetic gestures and anger.

6. Pumpkin for Aphrodisiac

Pumpkin scent is a type of smell that’s quite appealing for males. Research by The Smell & Taste Treatment and Research Foundation, the experts said that as much as 40% of male responds positively when smelling pumpkin scent that is combined with lavender.

There is various aroma that can improve your home atmosphere. Aside from enhancing mood, a pleasant scent can make your home feels more comfortable to be lived in.