She is a woman who knows who she is and how she has gotten here; is enough to describe the Nikicio Black Label. Exclusive to MASARISHOP.COM, the modern pleated knits lend luxury and warmth to one’s wardrobe while also demonstrating complete versatility in layering. The brand itself is created for mature, refined woman, who has gained experiences and insights because she has aged well like a fine wine.

Nikicio Black Label creates minimal, straight forward and functional clothes made from imported fabrics and sewn by the skillful few of Indonesian tailors. Each piece is finished by couture finishing, hand sewn, and thoughtfully made. If that weren’t enough, the brand also starts the journey into sustainable fashion with their new plastic-free packaging made from cassava roots with only 180 days to dissolve in nature. To inspire your wardrobe game, here’s the collection we’re currently obsessing over.  

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