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Stepping Back in Time: Dress Code Vintage Events and Occasions

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November 14, 2023

Looking to add some retro flair to your wardrobe? Dress code vintage has got you covered! This article will share tips and ideas for achieving a stylish vintage look, from clothing and accessories to hair and makeup. Whether you're a seasoned vintage enthusiast or just dipping your toes into retro fashion, you're sure to find some inspiration here.

What is Dress Code Vintage?

When Masari People hear the term "Dress Code Vintage," what comes to mind? Is it the elegant grace of Audrey Hepburn in her classic Givenchy dresses, the rebellious spirit of James Dean in his leather jacket, or the vibrant patterns of the swinging '60s? Dress code vintage is all this and more. It's a fashion statement that transcends time, inviting you to embrace the styles of the past and make them your own.

Vintage itself refers to clothing and accessories that are at least 20 years old, while Dress code vintage is a celebration of these styles, often associated with specific eras, such as the roaring '20s, the glamorous '50s, or the psychedelic '70s. It's not just about wearing old clothes; it's about reviving the spirit and essence of a bygone era.

When you embrace the dress code vintage, you are not just donning clothes but embodying the stories and sentiments of a different time. It's a way of paying homage to the fashion icons and trends that have left an indelible mark on the world. But how do you go about embracing this captivating style?

Dressing for Vintage Events and Occasions

Dressing in vintage style is more than just wearing old clothes; it's about curating an entire look that transports Masari People to a different era. To help you achieve that timeless charm, let's break down the key elements of dress code vintage:

1. Clothing

The foundation of any vintage look is the clothing itself. To truly immerse yourself in the world of dress code vintage, you must carefully select attire that reflects the era you wish to channel. For the 1920s, think flapper dresses with fringe detailing, drop-waist silhouettes, and art deco embellishments. The 1950s called for full skirts, cinched waists, and polka dots, while the 1970s brought out the bohemian spirit with wide-leg pants, maxi dresses, and bold patterns.

Remember to pay attention to the fabric, as vintage styles often feature luxurious materials like silk, satin, and lace. Mix and match these elements to create your unique vintage-inspired ensemble. Remember, authenticity is key, but you can always add a modern twist to make it your own.

2. Accessories

Accessories are the magic touch that elevates your vintage look to a new level. In each era, accessories played a vital role in defining fashion. For the 1920s, consider adding a beaded headband, long strands of pearls, and a chic clutch purse. The 1950s are all about cat-eye sunglasses, gloves, and pearls again, while the 1970s call for oversized sunglasses, floppy hats, and statement jewelry. Accessories complete your look and allow you to express your style within the vintage framework.

3. Hair and Makeup

The hairstyle and makeup you choose are the finishing touches to your dress code vintage transformation. Study the beauty trends of your chosen era and emulate them. For the 1920s, think finger waves and dark, dramatic lips. The 1950s brought forth the iconic red lips, winged eyeliner, and perfectly coiffed hair. In the 1970s, it was all about natural, bohemian waves and earthy, sun-kissed makeup.

Invest time in mastering these hair and makeup techniques to embody the vintage spirit. A well-executed look will return you and leave a lasting impression at any vintage event or occasion.

4. Footwear

Don't overlook the importance of vintage-appropriate footwear. Your shoes should align with the era's fashion. Consider saddle shoes for a 1950s look, T-strap heels for a touch of the 1920s, or go-go boots for a 1960s vibe. Matching your footwear to the overall theme enhances the cohesiveness of your outfit.

5. Tailoring and Fit

Pay close attention to the fit of your clothing. Vintage styles often feature tailored silhouettes, so ensure your garments fit well and flatter your body shape. Tailoring may be necessary to achieve an authentic look, especially if you're opting for vintage pieces or recreating outfits from original patterns.

6. Color Palette

Consider the color palette associated with the chosen era. Earthy tones and muted colors were prevalent in the 1940s, while the 1960s model embraced vibrant hues and bold patterns. Adhering to a historically accurate color scheme contributes to the overall authenticity of your vintage ensemble.

7. Research and Reference

Immerse yourself in the fashion history of the era you're emulating. Use old photographs, movies, and fashion magazines as references to understand the nuances of style during that time. This research will help you make informed decisions when selecting clothing, accessories, and hairstyles.

Where to Find Dress Code Vintage Inspiration

Finding dress code vintage inspiration is the first step in embarking on your journey into the captivating world of vintage fashion. The good news is that sources of inspiration abound, and they're often just a click or a visit away. Masari People can turn to various channels to get your creative juices flowing.

1. Fashion Magazines and Books

Vintage fashion has been celebrated for decades in glossy pages and timeless tomes. Fashion magazines and books offer inspiration, showcasing iconic styles and fashion icons from bygone eras. Explore vintage fashion spreads, interviews with style legends, and historical fashion retrospectives to gather ideas and insights.

2. Museum Exhibits and Historical Sites

Many museums around the world host exhibitions dedicated to vintage fashion. Visiting these exhibits can be a profound source of inspiration, allowing you to see exquisite vintage garments up close and gain a deeper understanding of the styles of yesteryears. Additionally, historical sites, especially those with a connection to fashion or famous fashion figures, can provide valuable insights into the past.

3. Social Media and Fashion Blogs

In today's digital age, social media platforms and fashion blogs are treasure troves of dress code vintage inspiration. Instagram, Pinterest, and fashion-focused blogs feature countless influencers and enthusiasts who showcase their unique vintage looks and offer styling tips. Use relevant hashtags and follow vintage fashion accounts to stay updated on the latest trends and ideas.

4. Vintage Stores and Thrift Shops

One of the most authentic ways to find dress code vintage inspiration is by exploring vintage stores and thrift shops. These hidden gems are often brimming with genuine vintage pieces that can serve as the foundation for your look. Take your time to browse through their collections, and you might discover a timeless gem that speaks to your style.


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Dressing in vintage clothing and accessories is a fun and stylish way to add a unique touch to your wardrobe. By following these tips and ideas, Masari People can achieve a vintage look that is both chic and glamorous.

In closing, dress code vintage is a celebration of fashion's timeless allure, an avenue for self-expression, and a tribute to the styles that have left an indelible mark on the world whether you're preparing for a vintage-themed event or simply infusing a touch of the past into your everyday wardrobe, dress code vintage offers endless possibilities to craft a look that is uniquely yours.

And there's no better place to start than at MASARISHOP.COM, where you can explore an exquisite collection of vintage-inspired fashion items from renowned designer brands like Recto, The Fifth Label, Enfold, and YCH.

Whether you're seeking elegant dresses that capture the essence of past eras, chic accessories that complete your vintage look, or unique pieces that add a touch of authenticity, MASARISHOP.COM has you covered. It's your one-stop destination to curate your dress code vintage wardrobe and express your individuality with style.

Don't miss the opportunity to elevate your fashion game and step into the enchanting world of dress code vintage. Visit MASARISHOP.COM today and let your vintage fashion journey begin!

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