Tangan was founded by Zico Halim and Margaretha Novianty in 2015, bringing in the fresh ideas on proportions, rawness and progressive thinking into contemporary dressing. Tangan garments are known for their multifaceted functionality from loose to fitting, simply by detaching-attaching buttons on the visible darts. 

Tangan Fall Winter 2019 titled as ‘Headway’ seeks beauty in the unfinished and imperfections, seeing the design process as the main importance. This collection fuses the brand subtle earthy tones with dominance in dark tone with bold color as accent. Intrigued by the characters of textures through the use of wool, organza, cotton, and silk power dressing in oversized cuttings are made with intricate details such as patchwork and ruching reciprocating to the brand raw aesthetics. 

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TANGAN Grey Vest
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