Street Slick

Amidst the hustle of Tokyo's urban symphony and the enigmatic season's grasp, we must be pondering the choice of bottoms – skirt or jeans? and then what goes over the top? A pullover seems clichéd. A jacket? Surely, but what kind of jacket? This editorial is here for you to craft a city-style survival guide with MATERIEL, YCH, TOGA, and more for your next trip this holiday season.

Photographs by Prabowo Prajogio
Videos by Adine Halim
Styled by Gisela Febrina Juwono
Make-up by Risako Matsushita
Hair by Kazuki Fujiwara
Produced by Junichiro Hirata

City Slick

Sauntering and soaking in the sights of Tokyo, especially the iconic Shibuya Crossing is a nonnegotiable agenda. For those seeking street-style supremacy, cast your gaze no further than the timeless allure of a black leather jacket from Recto – an unfailing choice. To inject a dose of excitement, pair it with the offbeat charm of flowy trousers like the ones by MATERIEL.


Unconventional Harmony

Roaming the pulsating cityscape demands a wardrobe that echoes the vibrancy of the Tokyo streets. Take cues from the spirited allure of this green pullover from TOGA, paired rebelliously with an asymmetrical skirt from YCH.


IDR 6,380,000

True Blues

Dominate the bustling labyrinth of Tokyo's streets as you stride through the urban frenzy. The key to street supremacy lies in the mastery of blue hues – embrace the fierce elegance of a ruffled shirt paired with the statement denim from YCH.


IDR 5,690,000

Cherry Sling

In a metropolis teeming with style revolutionaries, the city girls are ditching their trendy It bags for minimalist bags. One unassailable truth: the color anthem of the season is a fierce red. Cloak yourself in the enigma of a black top from Toga with a hint of red and blue, pair it with a crinkled skirt from Enfold, and add a dose of cherry-red allure with this MSGM bag.