Spotlight Dominators

As the seasons unfurl their splendor, a perpetual tapestry of celebrations unfurls before us—birthdays, anniversaries, cherished holidays, and the simple, blissful moments that light up our lives. What more magnificent way to immerse ourselves in the euphoria of festivity than to adorn ourselves in resplendent ensembles that mirror the radiance of our spirits? These curated selections of opulent garments by Acler, Aje, and Toga Pulla, are poised to accompany and elevate your exuberant moments of celebration.

Photographs by Zaky Akbar
Styled by Gisela Febrina Juwono
Make-Up by Yosefina Yusti, assisted by Nathania Mae
Hair by Temi

Cobalt Flashes

True classics stand unwavering, and the traditional blue ensemble embodies the zenith of enduring sophistication. Much like its iconic counterpart, the little black dress, the 'little blue dress' holds an indispensable place in the repertoire of any style connoisseur. Dare to defy convention and embark on a sartorial journey that deftly weaves the essence of blue into your festive attire, courtesy of the touches of extravagance from Acler, Aje, and Toga Pulla.


Glamorous Sways

Why settle for the mundane when you can exude extraordinary charm? Delve into the enchanting realm of fashion, where textures and resplendent hues reign supreme, elevating your festive attire to a realm of sheer brilliance. From the ethereal elegance of Acler's captivating tops to the show-stopping allure of Aje's flowing skirts. Allow your unique essence to radiate as you gracefully waltz through a fanciful tapestry of textures, transforming your celebration into an indelible extravaganza that leaves an enduring mark.


Ruche Territory

Should you seek a touch of understated elegance for your celebratory affair, consider the ruched top as your wardrobe's pièce de résistance. This remarkable garment, adorned with its captivating folds, effortlessly bridges the gap between casual and chic. Whether you opt for the enchanting allure of a Proenza Schouler White Label dress or explore the captivating ruched tops and skirts by Acler and Toga Pulla, rest assured that a ruched masterpiece awaits to grace every occasion in your life's tapestry.


IDR 2,300,000

Funky Splendor

Imagine the scene: a pulsating dance floor teeming with energy, a mesmerizing disco ball casting its enchanting spell, and there you are, stepping into the limelight, adorned in a scintillating ensemble designed to captivate all eyes. Enter a world where creativity knows no bounds, as you artfully blend and juxtapose a vibrant palette sourced from the collections of Enfold, SJYP, and Toga Pulla. Fearlessly embrace the intoxicating allure of hues and patterns, for in this electrifying space, the mantra is clear: 'I'm here to revel and radiate!’