Posh Oasis

Escape in everlasting cool styles, come rain or shine

Photographer Prabowo Prajogio
Videos by Adine Halim
Styled by Gisela Febrina Juwono
Make-up by Risako Matsushita
Hair by Kazuki Fujiwara
Produced by Junichiro Hirata

City escape fantasies are finally on your agenda list, but your wardrobe needs standout pieces you've been dreaming of too! Elevate your style for the urban oasis with cool, timeless looks that seamlessly blend city chic with nature's tranquility. Just a click away, you'll find the ease of discovering those perfect "it-pieces" that add the perfect cherry on top no matter the weather outside.

Natural Wonders

When creating a weatherproof outfit, layering is always your best friend. Infuse a rebellious twist into the ensemble by layering up with Andersson Bell's vintage-inspired bustier over a light blue shirt that flaunts its natural prints, then complete the look with a printed skirt from MSGM that takes you to cloud nine.


IDR 17,100,000

Classic Renegade

There is nothing more centering than classic black attire on rainy days. This MATERIEL black dress emerges as the ultimate choice for cultivating a timeless yet edgy aesthetic with a subtle twist in the form of a detachable distinctive belt. Style it with equally edgy shoes from TOGA PULLA and you've got a winning look.


Denim Distinction

The dynamic fusion of black, denim, and misty grey exudes a fashionable chill reminiscent of breezy days. This OSOI bag and MATERIAL’s top and skirt showcase the art of infusing sophistication into this laidback ensemble with their cool hues plus putting on a versatile denim jacket from MATERIEL over them is a 10 out of 10 choice.


Cloud Nine

Puffer jackets have become the new frontier in everyone’s closet, especially for breezy weather. The undeniable allure lies in the warmth, cloud-like feel, and the perpetually chic style that defines the essence of the puffer jacket. When it comes to this trend, your gaze need not wander any further than YCH's blue puffer jacket that features a corset-inspired silhouette to keep you warm without the bulk.


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