How To Take Care of Your Brand New Sneakers

Taking care of sneakers is both meticulous and simple at the same time. Sneakers are gaining popularity as the ‘It’ fashion item to own and its wearability extends beyond sports or leisure. These days, sneakers are also becoming collector’s items. Obtaining these collector’s edition sneakers are also not an easy feat. There are people who stand in line from incredibly early hours to join a raffle or save up money for months to get a limited edition pair of sneakers. If you’ve already gotten your hands on your new kicks, now it’s time to properly take care of them. Here are some ways to take care of your new sneakers.

1. Store in a cool, dry place

If you want your shoes to stay fresh, you should store them in a cool and dry place. Where you store your sneakers is quite possibly the most important aspect of taking care of sneakers. If you keep your shoes in their original box, label the box or put a picture of the shoes inside so that you can identify which shoe it is easier.

Before you store your shoes, make sure to clean them first so that soiling doesn’t become permanent. Stuffing the shoe with tissue paper or shoe trees will maintain the shape of the shoe.

2. Stuff your sneakers with newspaper after use

Newspapers are great at absorbing moisture. If your shoe got wet or damp because of sweat or rain, stuff the shoes with newspaper so it will dry faster. Newspapers can also remove odor from your sneakers and maintain its shape.

3. Cleaning your sneakers properly

When using sneakers, we tend to be less careful about keeping them clean as you wear them and as such, they are almost magnets to soiling and odors. To maintain its condition, invest in a good quality sneaker cleaner and brush. Other than that, it is important not to soak your sneakers in soapy water or detergent because that can damage the adhesives and damage the material of the sneakers. If the cleanser you are using requires water, it is enough to prepare a bowl of water and spot clean using the brush and cleanser. Once you have brushed, simply wipe with a soft or microfiber cloth until completely dry.

4. Changing your shoelaces

Changing your shoelaces is like getting an instant makeover. You can buy a new pair of shoelaces or clean the ones you already have by soaking them in hot water with a regular detergent. Once your laces are clean and dry, iron them before putting them back on the sneakers for an extra crips touch.

5. Know your materials

To take care of your sneakers properly, you’ll have to know the materials that are being used for the sneaker design. Some sneakers have cotton mesh uppers, for example, which requires care in choosing the proper brush to clean it. A firm bristled brush can damage the mesh, which will ruin the look of the shoes. Because of that, prepare different brushes to use depending on the fabric and material of the sneakers you are wanting to clean. If your sneakers are leather or suede, you can use a leather cleaner which will help clean and also condition the leather so it stays fresh and smooth.

6. Don’t brush too hard

A lot of people have the misconception that the harder you brush, the cleaner your shoes will be. The truth is that brushing too hard may break or damage the fabric and make your sneakers look worn, especially those that are made with knit, mesh, and canvas materials. Get a brush that is medium-firmness or use a toothbrush and brush gently with fast strokes. This will work in the cleaning solution into the shoe and help it clean.

A lot of people avoid these steps to take care of their shoes until they look worn. Avoid this from happening and keep your shoes fresh, clean, and looking new with the steps above.