6 Facial Excercise to Achieve Firm and Glowing Skin

To achieve firm and glowing skin, surely you need more than just skincare products. Maybe by eating a healthy and nutritious diet, routinely exercising, drinking enough water to hydrate the skin, also doing facial exercise to radiate your beautiful skin.

Other than relaxing your skin, facial exercise also firms and naturally pushes your skin to reduce the tension of 57 muscles in your face, improving blood circulation and toning the skin.

Here are some simple and easy facial exercise moves you can do at home.

1. Kiss and Smile

How to: Pout your lips just like you’re kissing with exaggerated movement, then do a big smile. Do this movement at least 15 times a day. This exercise can stimulate your cheek muscle and chin.

Benefit: If done consistently, this movement will give the effect of firmer skin on the jawline and resulting rosy cheeks.

2. Puffing The Cheeks

How to: Take a deep breath from your mouth until your cheeks puffed up, then exhale.

Benefit: This quick and easy move can help strengthen your cheek muscle and prevent it from sagging.

3. Crossing Leg While Smiling

How to: Do the Sukhasana move, by crossing your leg. Close your eyes while smiling, and imagine a dot in between your eyebrows. Refrain yourself from frowning your forehead while doing it.

Benefit: This yoga pose helps ease your mind and relax facial muscles, so it helps to minimize skin wrinkles and radiate your inner beauty.

4. Raising Eyebrows

How to: Put two of your index fingers half an inch above your eyebrows. Try to raise your eyebrows while your fingers press down. Repeat this simple move 10 times or more in a day.

Benefit: The forehead is the first place showing signs of wrinkles. This particular move helps to tighten the forehead muscles, releasing tensions, and minimizing the appearance of wrinkles.

5. Fish Face

How to: Suck in your cheeks like mimicking fish face. Hold for a few seconds with eyes open. When your eyes start to water, you can blink and come back to the normal position.

Benefit: This move can strengthen your cheek muscles and help reduce wrinkles.

6. Stretching The Eyelids

How to: Look upwards while raising your eyebrows at the same time. Then close your eyelids slowly while keep looking upwards.

Benefit: With age, your eyelids can start to lose elasticity. This stretching movement can help keep your eyelids tight.

Just like other physical exercises, facial exercise will be effective by doing it consistently. Don’t do it half-heartedly, because your face beauty can’t be perfect without firm and glowing skin.

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