5 Tips on Keeping Jewelry Bright and Shiny

When you’re buying a beautiful piece of jewelry, surely you’d hope the jewelry will last for a long time. Whether you wear the jewelry daily or for certain occasions, you should notice eventually your jewelry lost its shine.

But there’s nothing to worry about, with the right care, you can keep your jewelry’s shine from fading through time. Seek these tips below.

1. Know Your Stones

Some jewelry like engagement or wedding rings, in general, have gemstones specially designed for daily usage. For example moissanite, this stone has resistance to scratch on a scale of 9,25 Mohs, which means it isn’t easy to damage when scratching makes it suitable to be worn daily. Therefore, it’s better to avoid easily scratched jewelry when doing heavy work like doing a workout or house cleaning.

2. Polish Your Jewelry Annually

Polishing your jewelry is needed at least once a year to prolong its longevity and durability. By polishing frequently, you can also keep your gemstones shiny like when you first bought them.

But if your jewelry has more intricate detailing and is worn daily, it’s better to polish your jewelry twice a year to avoid dirt and dust that stick to its surface.

3. Careful When Polishing Yourself

It’s highly recommended for polishing done by professionals. But it’s also doable doing it by yourself, as long as you know what’s needs to be done. Never clean your jewelry with harsh chemicals to prevent corrosion. As an alternative, bath your jewelry in a bowl of warm water and dish soap, then brush it with a toothbrush or a brush with soft bristles before drying it off.

It would have been better to know your jewelry’s material, gold, silver, or platinum. Therefore, you can use a cleaning solution that’s targeted to loosen the dirt particles left in the nook and cranny of your jewelry.

4. Pay Attention to The Storage

The right way of storing your jewelry can help to prolong its beauty. Never put all your jewelry in one storage together, because if they’re piled together it will be hard to untangle and scratch the delicate gemstones. The other way is, to store your jewelry in a box or drawer layered with a cloth.

Moreover, there are other gemstones like opal and pearl which are easily cracked if they aren’t stored properly in an overly dry environment. Hence, always make sure to never put them in airtight storage.

5. Insure Your Jewelry

Jewelry is a highly-priced valuable item, so the owner also employed the same high risk. Therefore, for your safety don’t forget to insure all your jewelry. Even though you won’t have them back in case your jewelry is broken or got stolen, at least for preventive measures, the money given by insurance can cover your loss.

There, the important tips on caring for your jewelry to keep them bright and shiny for a long time. Remember, the more you’re careful handling your jewelry, it will also keep your jewelry last.