Black 'Icon' Mini Hard Case

IDR 999,000
Editor's Notes

CRASH BAGGAGE is a luggage brand based in Venice, Italy. CRASH BAGGAGE® wants to emphasized “Handle Without Care”, which exalts the freedom of movement and action wherever and whenever possible, without any worries. Borne already dented, worn-looking, and they come in three different sizes to comfortably accompany you on wherever and however long your travels may take you. They are made of ABS and polycarbonate, the most up-to-date materials in terms of resistance, lightness and comfort. Crash baggage is also sustainable, limiting the presence of chemical elements in the various components to the least extent possible.Travel without fears, no need to worry about the luggage. HANDLE WITHOUT CARE.

Clutch bag, Case or Walking Handbag: call it whatever you like. The new Hard Case Crash Baggage®, with a unique dented design, is ready to accompany you, as usual, without caution, without care. Hard Case has a shoulder strap and a handle with a hook so that you can also carry it by hand. Inside it has a smart pocket that allows you to store coins, keys or other objects tidily. The external surface is 100% made of ultra-resistant polycarbonate and is available in three colours, namely: black, yellow and silver with a matt finish.

Size & Fit Information

Dimension: 12x22x8 cm.

Product code : CB370001